LIMITED WARRANTY DEED-When you buy land from us you get a Full Limited Warranty Deed, meaning you will be the owner of this plot for 100%.


1.- As the buyer, your part of the transaction is simple. Once you pay for the property you’ll need to provide the full name and address of how you would like the property recorded with the county.

1.- Within 3 days, we will prepare a draft copy of the deed and send it to you via email for you to verify.

3.- Upon receipt of your confirmation the details are correct, we will notarize the Deed and you are the owner of the property. We provide you with a notarized copy.

4.- We send the original deed to the county for recording.


The process of mailing the deed to the local government office and receiving it back recorded can take up to four weeks as it depends on the county workload.

We can NOT be responsible for any delay as we do not have any influence over the county register procedure.

Once your deed is recorded by the county, they will send the original to you via mail.

We promise to keep you updated and informed at every stage of the process.