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800-00913,  Land in America For Sale By Owner 2 adjacent 0.73 acres – 2,987.00m2 plots of building land,near lake and golf-Owner Financing

$ 1 500,00
2 adjacent building plots located within the city limits of the idyllic small town of Horseshoe Bend Arkansas in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. The plot is buildable located in the district Ben´s Creek Addition and near the lake Diamond and golf course. Horseshoe Bend Arkansas,

ADDRESS: 12307 Baldwin  Ln., Lot 283- 284
Ben´s Creek  Addition
CITY: Horseshoe Bend
STATE: Arkansas.

LEGAL: parcel#800-00913-14-000

  NO HOA fees

ZONING: family house, prefab house, log cabin, maximum of 2 floors.

Roads & Utilities Notes: This area has utilities and improved roads. 

There is no maintenance required on the property.

The lot can stay in its natural state until you decide to build or sell.

PAYMENTS: bank transfer to our account with Wells Fargo Bank USA, PayPal and debit/credit card per PayPal
Non-residents are able to buy land in the USA without restrictions. Travel to the USA not required. Warranty Deed is notarized by a U.S. Notary Public.
The deed will be registered in your name with the local County Land Registrar (County Clerk). Ownership of the land is indefinite, without expiration.
As the registered owner of record, you are entitled to re-sell your land at any time.



1.- As the buyer, your part of the transaction is simple. Once you pay for the property you’ll need to provide the full name and address how you would like the property recorded with the county.

1.- Within 3 days, we will prepare a draft copy of the deed and send it to you via email for you to verify.

3.- Upon receipt of your confirmation the details are correct, we will notarize the Deed and you are the owner of the property.We provide you with a notarized copy.

4.- We send the original deed to the county for recording.

Once we receive the recorded deed from the county, we will email you a copy and send the original to you via mail.

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The plots of land offered are our property. All information are from reliable sources, such as municipal, tax office, land registry office, etc., and our own research. Errors, omissions, and prior sales are expressly reserved. The buyer is responsible for performing his/her own due diligence.

Address: 12307 Baldwin Ave., Lot 283, Horseshoe Bend, 72512, AR, Ben´s Creek Addition
Categories: Horseshoe Bend
Type: adjacent lots